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Wings trade up to snag Turgeon

Published Saturday, June 28, 2014, 3:08 p.m. under 2014 Draft Coverage
Dominic Turgeon

Dominic Turgeon (Credit: Portland Winterhawks)

Heading into the 2014 NHL entry draft, the Detroit Red Wings had Dominic Turgeon ranked as a first-rounder.

So with Turgeon — the son of Pierre Turgeon, one of the greatest scorers in NHL history — still sitting there as the third round rolled by, the Red Wings decided not to take the chance of waiting until their pick at No. 75.

Instead, they swapped the No. 75 pick along with a 2015 third-rounder to the Columbus Blue Jackets and grabbed Turgeon 63rd overall.

“We had him in our top 30 and we saw it as a chance to get in the third round a first-rounder,” said Red Wings chief amateur scout Jeff Finley. “It was a good opportunity to try and do what we could and move up to make sure we got him.”

Turgeon, a center with the WHL’s Portland Winterhawks, was ranked 97th among North Americans by Central Scouting after moving up 33 slots from the mid-term ranking. He was also rated 94th overall by The Hockey News.

The 6-foot-1, 196-pounder posted modest numbers for Portland, with 10 goals and 21 assists for 31 points in 65 games. But on a powerhouse team that has been to four straight WHL titles, Turgeon excelled in a third-line role.

“He was outstanding as a two-way center,” Finley said. “You can tell his dad has had an influence on his game. He’s very responsible, great on faceoffs, their No. 1 penalty-killer, blocks shots, always in the right position to support the puck in all three zones. In those parts of the game, he’s very mature for a young player. He understands and takes pride in those parts of the game.”

NHL Network analyst Dave Reid knocked Turgeon’s skating, noting he has to get his “feet moving” and that he’s “not overly talented with the finish.” Added TSN scout Craig Button: “He’s not like his father.”

But the Red Wings — notably Finley and director of amateur scouting Tyler Wright — caught glimpses of offensive skill that might surprise some when Turgeon gets a top-six role with Portland in 2014-15.

“He didn’t get any power-play time last seaosn — and when I say he didn’t get any power-play time, he got zero power-play time,” Finley said. “That’s where a lot of kids pick up a lot of stats at the junior level.

“We’ve seen some things as far as the offensive upside and we hope with a bigger opportunity he’ll be able to show a little bit more than what his numbers were this year.”

Finley described Turgeon as a “strong skater” who is “strong on the puck, plays a heavy game, protects the puck well and knows how to play below the circles.”

“We think his game translates well to today’s NHL,” Finley said. “Whether or not he’ll be an offensive guy as a professional, that remains to be seen, but we like the rest of his game as far as upside and potentially as a third-line center down the road.

“We’re thrilled to get him.”


  1. Shawn says:

    Adding onsult to injury.. Brad Stuart who seemed to desperatelyneed a move to San Jose for family a while back, hoafing Holland to let hom go for next to nothing (though I think he was at the end of his contract anyway), agreed to move to Colorado now… for a second round and a sixth round pick. I’d gladly have paid him Quincey’s 4.25

    Ah well… I did defend Holland when he moved to get Quincey (even as Iit was obvious the price was too high; all rentals were outrageously priced at the time), as he was an RFA at the time, rather than a rental. I said it would take a couple of years for him to figure out how to be a Wing. If he plays the stay at home game and it physical, he can be effective, I believe. Let’s pray he does exactly that. I’m not yet entirely convinced he’s learned how to play ‘Wings hockey.’

    Here’s to hoping he proves us all wrong … I just want him to be a solid, stay at home, non-liability partner for one of our younger guys.

  2. Shawn says:

    Man, I just can’t get over this signing though.

  3. Rico says:

    I agree with the frustrations experienced today.

    I see that Jim Nill did well in Dallas for the second year in a row. Stevie Y did well, but I think he over paid a bit. Two x-Wing execs are pluggin’ along the right direction. That makes me wonder about Kenny. Was it Kenny, or was it the combo of Nill, Waddell, and Stevie? Granted, Waddell was not a good GM in ATL, but was he a key piece in the wings for the Wings?

    In the last few years, there was a buy-out for Carlo Coliacavo (spelling?) and Tootoo plus Weiss, who signed a larger contract than the market seemed to demand at the time. Now the suprise size of the Quincey deal.

    I fear Kenny is going to go for a big trade, now. Show he’s the man. Let’s hope he does not give up our best offensive dynamo, a high pick, and a thow-in player for a 4th line rental AGAIN. Or give up 2 third round draft picks… for a third round draft pick.

    I’d love someone to give me a good example of a great deal he’s done since 2009. It would help my resolve! Seriously, help me remember the good since 2009!!!

  4. YVR says:

    Nearly 1/2 billion spent on 68 players and no team can say they now have a shot to beat LA, or Chicago. The money spent on marginal players like Oprik, Niskanen, Stralman, etc, erc, is obscene.

    Rico, what you say is quite right. Nothing significant has been done by Holland since the SC loss to Pitt. Although I wanted Boyle for only 2 yrs, was ok with Holland not over spending in this crazy market. Now I’m afraid he is going to give away one or two of the good young guys for a marginal veteran who will be of no use to the Wings. Keep the kids and let them play; rewards in 3-4 years.

  5. Shackman says:

    YVR – your first sentence says it all. No one is likely to challenge the two western conf. powerhouseswith their signings. LA took a page out of KH’s book – sign your free agents before July 1.

  6. Shawn says:

    Yeah, I agree about Boyle… Didn’t really want three years and generally speaking, don’t want to overspend. But everyone is calling Detroit’s offer “more money” than NYR offered. It isn’t on average. If I were Boyle and confident that even an aged, declining offensive dman will make 4.5M+ in two years, the Detroit deal is pretty crappy. Think about the way the game is going, his health, salary cap increases… I wouldn’t call the Detroit deal, “more money.”. It just isn’t.

    That said… This isn’t about how much the short-term defenseman that we need(ed) would make or how their pay would rank… We had enough room to pay him 6M/ yr if necessary… And maybe he’s not “worth” that, but the NEED we have/had is more this issue than what he’s worth. We have young, low cost players and no cap crunch… We NEED(ed) a top-level puck-moving d-man; a righty. We didn’t need a permanent fixture, we needed a band aid, a bridge. We could have offered much more, swallowed our “you’re not worth that much” “how’s this salary compare with Kronwall’s” pride and bought the temporary patch we really, really need(ed). [and I say need, because we still need it… However, it seems unlikely that we will get what we should have at this point and we will survive… So, we maybe don’t need it anymore.., we have enough defenseman, we just won’t be as competitive.]

    I guess if you look at it another way, I would have said, “Look Kenny, you swung and missed. Sucks. Let’s go with some kids on D.” Maybe he is.. We don’t have a cap crunch, so if the money isn’t an issue, maybe we can just think of Quincey as insurance… Just like Cleary, Bert, Sammy, Tootoo, etc. ended up as insurance in case the kids don’t do well enough. That’s not how I would characterize what happened last year, but that’s just about how it turned out… Sure, we started with the older guys, but when the younger guys got there and did well, the old guys became insurance against the follies of youthful players. In that one respect… I guess it’s ok that we signed Quincey and it is irrelevant, from this logic, how much he makes. This is the only way i’ll be able to get through this year (and probably the next). I have to somehow reason and justify to myself that trading for an insurance guy at the deadline would have been costlier and really, this is a good insurance policy if Sproul, Marchenko, Oulettle, Bâckman, et al don’t steal Q’s job. I’ve got to think he was signed with the hope he’ll be forced out by better, younger guys, basically.

    Then, as my brother suggested, maybe this means a big trade including Kindl is in the works… Let’s hope. I like Kindl, but if he has to go to bring in a top-four d-man, I’d likely be very supportive.

    Still, any way you look at it, we paid 4.25M x 2 years for a third string defenseman and that is hard to swallow, no matter how much convoluted logic you apply. I don’t think we can question who our top four D are among these..

    Kronwall Ericsson
    DeKeyser Smith
    Quincey Kindl

  7. brett says:

    Time to throw the kids in the fire. The strong will survive.

  8. teldar says:

    The problem with defensive pairings is that there are players who need steady defensive partners and there are steady defensemen. Quincey can cover his own mistakes. He can’t cover Smith’s. Kronwall can. Kronwall-Smith was pretty good when E went down. This says to me maybe Quincey Ericsson second pair, DeKeyser/Kindl third? Not that the Kaiser isn’t better than Quincey, but they are different defensemen and DDK may be able to cover for a worse partner than Quincey could.

  9. Jack says:

    What about signing Michael Del Zotto, he wasn’t qualified by Nashville, so hes a UFA.

  10. Patrick says:

    Del Zotto is good offensively, but defensively he leaves more gaps than Brett Lebda did… I wouldn’t have minded him one bit to be honest with our lack of skill on the blue line (offensively).

    @Teldar, if they play DeKeyser on the third pairing, I will be surprised… He was probably the best rookie defenseman last year (because of his consistence). I expect DeKeyser to be with Kronwall, Smith to be with Quincey (like in the playoffs), and Ericsson to be bumped to the third pair with Kindl unless Kindl gets traded. I would like Oullete, Sproul, or Marchenko to get between 10 and 25 games a piece… Lashoff does literally everything we ask him to do, but he only gets about 13 minutes a game… we need guys to take some minutes away from Kronwall so we can get more offense out of him.

    I think the most interesting questions going into the season is whether or not Mantha will make the team. If Alfredsson retires, I fully expect Mantha to make the team.

    Bottom line though either way is that Cleary should not be re-signed, period. I don’t GAF what promise Holland made him, he played 52 games last year and looked lost the entire time he played (only 8 points and minus 11 rating)…

  11. YVR says:

    As I’ve stated before, Cleary’s best chance of playing hockey next year is in the Newfoundland Senior Hockey League. Then again, maybe I’m wrong as they play pretty good hockey over there, used to be nearly equal to the IHL, so doubtful he makes the team.

    Point. Get him to he!! out of Hockeytown. If he had a real 3 yr deal with Philly (which I doubt), he should have taken it.

  12. dan says:

    Cleary has been useless since 2008, Ken holland keeps resigning him because they are friends, he had to do it last year because he thought he would help the team more then nyquist and tartar, the red wings draft well, Holland needs to step the !@#$ up and trade for a right handed defenceman, their power play is a joke without one, rafalski retired and was replaced with ian white, no wonder lidstrom retired, then holland replaces lidstrom with coliacovo, defense win championships, this team isn’t winning shit with the 7 left handed defenceman they have, dosent matter if you have selke winners when kindl is out there

  13. dan says:

    Kesler was the right handed forward they needed, shoots RIGHT, former 40 goal scorer, has darren helm speed, from Michigan, Holland easily could of matched what was given up for him, the wings are LOADED with trade bait, I would love to ask holland how with the cap athanasiou, mantha, pulkkinen, jurco, tartar and nyqvist are going to fit on this team in a few years along with datsyuk, zetterberg, franzen, weiss, helm, abdelkader, sheahan? Some of these forwards need to be traded, there will not be room for all of them, still only one right hander in all of them, should have 2 for second power play unit, let me know who you would get rid of, since weiss has ntc I would go with franzen, he is getting up there in age but has a really low cap hit, there would be high interest especially from teams up against the cap, enough younger, faster more talented leftys I would keep, is is obvious we can’t keep all of them, time to make tough decisions, I’m afraid holland is uncapable

  14. Patrick says:

    I wouldn’t say Kesler has “Helm speed”… You mentioned only one shoots right… wrong though. Mitch Callahan, Pulkinnen, and Nastusiuk all shoot right. If Callahan shows that last years goal scoring on the PP wasn’t just a fluke, he may get 10-15 this year if they use him in that role at all. Zach Nastusiuk played fairly well in his short stint in Grand Rapids. I expect him to “turn up” in his first full season there and earn a top 6 role… Among the defense we have Sproul and Marchenko, both of which have a great chance as an injury replacement. Both have a rocket for a shot also… I agree we definitely need a righty though

  15. dan says:

    I live in canada and watch the canucks a lot they are always on tv and kesler when healthy has that rediculous straight ahead speed and is a better overall skater than helm, he can use it better, he moves better laterally and change directions at high speeds better, he beat Marty St. Louis for the fastest skater at nhl skills competition in 2011, I would of loved to see of helm could of beaten him though, probably would have.

    I just don’t see callahan being more than an excellent 4th liner with the depth at forward, he does have a great touch around the net, maybe net front presence on the pp one day but other than that i dont think he has the skills or shot to be good on an nhl pp. I see nastasiuk the same way, an excellent 4th liner or 3rd at best one day, he wasn’t exactly drafted for his scoring ability, his career high was like 50 points in 60 games with 20 goals, point totals like that playing top line minutes in the high scoring ohl dosent translate well into nhl totals, rwc projects “hard nosed defensive winger at the nhl level”

    Can’t wait for sproul, 20 goals twice in the ohl, elite skater, 6 foot 4, solid 30 point season in ahl, he could have 2 more ahl seasons though, same with marchenko, this team needs a balance of righties on defence, it is way harder to keep the puck in the other teams zone on your backhand, and to put it off the glass and out of your zone, amongst other things, we haven’t had a legit right handed one timer on the point since rafalski , alfredsson helped a lot when healthy last year but other than samuelsson i can’t even remember the last right handed top 6 or even 9 forward the wings had, Jason williams before raffi torres almost killed him on that wraparound, he was never the same after, brutal hit. Quick Launch

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